Get Them Thoughts Out Of Your Head

You have a million things running in your head. Or so it feels like. But truthfully it is most often only an exaggeration. We may have a lot of things to do but rarely would it amount to literally a million things. And the reason why we feel that way is because we keep them all in our head. At this point, many would start to have their heads aching and frantically searching for a way to ease them. So after a good workout or rest, the headache or rather, the stress, still does not fade away.

I have learned that in this kind of situation, the thing that has work well so far, is to get them out of your head. No, I do not mean writing them off. Simply transferring them to an external storage. You could either write them down somewhere or even type them all out. You know how sometimes, getting an ‘extra pair of eyes’ helps? This is something like that. When they are out, you can then analyse and view them in much organised systems.

Just a word of advise, Do it. Put your laziness aside. 😉

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