What Is Your Driving Force?

Drive is what differentiates the level of success of someone from another. It is not about who has more talent or money. Well, the latter is debatable but generally, the amount of drive that one has to see through his or her idea/vision will put him or her at a different level.

To put it in simple context, drive is where someone wakes up in the morning, pushing themselves out of bed and into the gym. Or spending late nights to complete a task. Or choosing to eat healthy. Or opting for a take out instead of going out to eat. Stuff like that.

In essence, drive is closely related to sacrifice. To be able to give up something that you love for your work, the thing that matters to you. So to have this drive is something that is unique to all of us. Some might be move by a strong sense of purpose. Others could be move by a strong fear of failure. Regardless, you need to find your own source of drive. And run with it.

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