Listen Your Way To Someone Else’s Good Book

Communication behaviours have been taught in many shape and form for a very long time. The thing that stood out for me the most is a simple and basic concept called listening. And not only just listening with your ears. But with your other senses as well. Before someone attempts to correct me for the science of what I have just wrote, please bear with me.

Listening has often been closely linked with our sense of hearing, ears that is. But what does it actually mean, to include other senses as well while listening? How can our eyes, nose, body hear a thing?

Definitely, if you were to take what was just said literally, you will be scratching your head for a very long time. However, if you were to just pause and creatively think of the words, then I bet you can get the picture, if not an idea.

When someone listens with their body – by positioning it facing the other person, etc.; eyes – maintaing eye contact; mouth – knowing when to shut up ;), that person has a very high chance of getting the other party to like him or her. The important thing is to take note to put your self-centred self aside when you are listening. It is a full-time job. So give your undivided attention. Put that smartphone aside, and do not in any way let the other person feel as though you are not listening to him or her.

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