It’s Pretty Much All About The ‘Why’

In our previous reminder, we talked about determination as a key to success. But the question then comes; how do we attain that trait? In all honesty, it is a very simple response. One that requires very little effort to understand at passing but when looked a little closer, it is like reaching the summit of the mountain.

Many of us are aware that knowing our ‘why’ is a crucial step before embarking this journey call success. But only a few are truly honest with themselves about it. They might say things which are either politically or morally right. Pleasing others could also be another factor that results in the dishonesty with themselves. Regardless what your motivations to lie to yourself is, be conscious of it and for your own sake, stop. Stop robbing yourself of your own potential.

Any other ‘why’ which are not from your own honest self, is going to be very flimsy and weak. And that is why many do not make it through. However, observe those who do, and you will realise that they have a very clear ‘why’ which they live by, no matter what others’ opinion of it is.

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