Think With No Box. Just Think.

Over time, we have grown accustomed to the way things are and societal pressures have made us conformed into doing things like everyone else. We either become too lazy or could not be bothered to attempt to think differently, let alone doing it. This situation is detrimental to our society, and more importantly us as human beings.

Most or in fact, all of us, have a creative spark deep inside – moments of genius – that could potentially disrupt the norm (in a positive way of course) where perhaps some might pursue it. But when being in an environment that discourages such thinking, it gets quite tiring to continue on.

And that is the way things are. The sooner you can accept that and move on with your different way of thinking, the better it will be for you. The phrase ‘think outside the box’ has been so overused, and not quite as effective as in your mind, there will still be that ‘box’. So do away with it. Just think.

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