It Is Not About Getting What You Want. But The Fact That You Asked That Matters.

To get what you want sure does feel great. It is an accomplishment. And many times to get it, we need to ask. However, that act is not as easy as it is to carry out as it is simple to understand. (Pause)

Such a simple concept, but not easy to carry out. Why?

Perhaps you might feel inferior, shy or embarrass. Get over it. Fast. The more you care about such things, the higher your chances are of probably never get anything in life.

Just keep this in mind whenever you are in that situation – The person whom you are intending to ask (no matter how imposing and all ‘high and mighty’ he/she looks) also has to ask someone else to get what he/she wants.

Get things into perspective. We are all human beings. There are times we need to ask someone for help, advice or whatever have you. And if that person does not want to give it to you, find someone else, until you find someone who does. Stop thinking too much. Just ask.

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