Break-ing Your Goals Down

Have you ever been in a situation where you have all these big goals and you wrote them all down (because that’s what most suggest to do)? Or if you are in the more advanced group, you have pictures of your goals plastered all over your room and you see them everyday. But after a while, they become like a piece of art in your room – something to simply admire. And subsequently, you began to lose interest in them altogether.

It is not an uncommon thing, really. It is what happens when you set yourself up for this mighty goals and leave them at that. You do not know what to do. You do not know what to start with. You just know what you want.

Break them down. Take those big goals and one by one, break them down into manageable (according to you) action items. Note the previous bracket. It has to be manageable according to you and not anyone else. You need to be honest to yourself. Do not compare with others and set it up according to theirs. It does not work that way. Each of us have our own pace. Spare yourself unnecessary and unhealthy stress. Importantly, break your goals down.

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