“I Just Want To Die Already” (In A Gym-Setting)

Going to the gym and getting those muscles to work is a great feeling, or at least according to people who willingly frequent it. However the faces that some of these people make squeezing that last repetition makes a novice wonder what is that ‘great feeling’ that people talk about. And hearing comments such as “I Just Want To Die Already” is really making it difficult to be on the same page.

But the results speak for itself, truly. Those not-so-instagram-worthy faces while hitting it hard in the gym or the de-motivating comments you hear them say after an intense workout are usually by people who are in great shape. And honestly, that is how they get there, by working really hard to the point of wanting ‘to die’.

So do not say that you cannot achieve your goal until you have worked so hard till you are at the point that you just felt like dying is a better option.

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