Keep Your Glass Full & Overflowing

Society has this idea that if you put yourself first, you are selfish. And a lot of labels come up – self-centred, self-absorbed – and a whole lot of other ‘self-adjectives’. Now, would you agree that we all have our limits? Some more than others. And that is fine. Maybe he or she is more spiritual or they grew up in a loving family. And that is perfectly alright.

So let’s use the analogy of the glass and how much of it is filled. Most of us must have heard the phrase ‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’ How about keeping your glass full and overflowing? What do you think of that?

I sincerely believe that it is only then that we can give our best to other people and not dreading it after sometime. We are human beings after all. And if we keep on giving from our limited glass, we will have nothing to give ourselves. How then can we give to others?

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