When To Know If Your Good Is Good Enough

Sometimes, we obsessed on getting the details perfect that we ignore the most essential factor of getting things done, and that is action. While it is good that we want to produce our best work, we should also not let that stop us from actually producing anything. There will always be tweaks and room for improvement in most or all of the things that we do. Our job is to know where to draw that line. When is it good enough? It does not have to be great. Just good enough.

Personally, I love deadlines as much as I dislike it. When we have a set period of time to deliver on something, it gives us little room to tweak and thinking things through again and again. Remember when we were doing our test papers and how we would rush and submit them when the time was up? We did not even pay too much attention on rechecking every single detail as failure to deliver it on time will result in punishment, or worse, the papers not being accepted.

So I know you want to produce your best work, but do yourself a favour and set a deadline. You’ll actually be producing rather than just sitting on them and thinking of ways of how you could make it better.

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