2-in-1 Powerful Reminder

“Make do with what you have been given and have the guts to put yourself out there.”

Simple but a powerful one indeed. We all try to compare ourselves with others and blame how we are not given this or that therefore we are not achieving the success levels that those who were are. Although yes, there are people who are born with more than others, that does not make one who does not any less capable to achieve equal or better successes. If you are still in doubt, read the stories of how these people get to where they are – Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Taylor Swift, Siti Nurhaliza. If these names are unfamiliar to you. Read up on those who you are a fan of or look up to. One of them must have a similar story to share.

After you are at peace with working with what you have been given, have the guts to literally put yourselves out there. Yes, it is a scary and strange thing to do when it is your first few times but it is only then, that others have the opportunity to hear or know about you or your work. Be open to constructive feedbacks. Learn from them, improve yourself and work on becoming better at what you do.

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