Be An Amateur

Being an amateur might seem to some as a negative connotation. Our society are so in love with labels that ‘amateur’ has been associated with something that is lesser than. If you compare the word ‘amateur’ and ‘professional’, you notice that the latter brings in a sense of accomplishment and a higher regard.

But that is all fluff.

Being an amateur allows you to fail and not be bothered by it. Something that a professional cannot afford to do. That will only ruin their reputation and question the professional status that they have received.

So how else does an amateur benefit?

An amateur can seek out guidance to others to improve themselves while not have their ego bruised. That is something that a professional can only dream of, well at least most of them.

Being able to fail and seeking guidance are important for someone to continuously improve oneself. It will allow for trying or testing of new methods and ways. These will enable one to create better self-improvement and work.

So embrace the ‘amateur’ badge. Wear it with pride.

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