Consciously Expand Your References

The lives that we lead are not without its fair share of challenges. Regardless of how positive you think you are, there might be occassions where you feel powerless and it is much easier to succumb to the darkness and let it embrace you. Times like this is where you could seriously use some better references. You see, we as humans are very limited in nature. Likewise with our experiences. And we overcome situations based on our past experiences with similar ones. Now, in the face of those that we have not yet come across and find no way to link them, that is where we feel as though life is hard.

We can easily change that with better references. And they are widely available, through the experiences of other people. By tapping into their own set of volume of references, we enlarge the size of our own reference bank. This will enable us to be better prepared and equipped to face situations that we have not yet encountered. However, you need to consciously be aware of the kind of references that you add into your library as it will either steer you into a positive direction or not.

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