Loss Is Imaginary

It sure does not feel like it when it happens to you and you’re very much entitled to that opinion. However, if you could take a moment and consider this, that everything in this world has its life span and when something or someone has lived out its purpose of existence, then it is only natural for it to leave and move on to a better place.

That is how the law of nature works. Although it is a tough pill to swallow, it is undeniably true. We all have our purpose in this life. We may not think as such, especially if all we have been encountering are bad fortunes. But if we could believe that yes, there is a reason why we are here, then dealing with losses could be a bit more manageable.

And one sure way to make that happen is to find a good reason to live. The meanings that we attach to the things that we lost are the ones holding us back from moving on with our lives.

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