Check And Balance

Daily or the occasional personal reflection is great. The only thing is that, it lacks accountability. And we all know that when the only person we think or could see that we are accountable to is ourself, we tend to be less strict or are more willing to cut some corners. After all, there is always a next time to be better, or so we hoped. This will unfortunately only leads to the main character, which is ourselves, to be at the losing end.

If we want real, solid accountability, we need to have someone else to do the check and balance on us. Companies do it, why can’t us? By having someone else to keep us regularly in check, there is a higher motivation to stick to what we have set out to do. We do not want to either lose face, or waste a lot of money trying to get our act in order. Just get someone reliable to do this role and you should be on the right track.

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