Simplicity In This Time And Age

The need to constantly come out with new innovations and ideas to survive and compete in this congested marketplace has made many lose sight of what’s important, to the extend of overcomplicating things. On one hand, you have those who are all about being creative and ‘out there’ while on the other side, you have those that just want something that serve their need, i.e. without the fluff. It is a challenging time for businesses and creatives to honour the two sides of the spectrum. Perhaps there was a time, where the more stuff or functions you drown a product or service in, the more highly regarded it will be. But in this time and age, where people’s tolerant for bullsh*t is bordeline abysmal, it is all about how it will benefit their interest. That said, we might want to rethink our communication messages and product offering to align with that and above all, to keep it simple.

Listen Up

The often overlooked social activity that carries a lot of weight is arguably listening. They say there is a reason why we are given two ears and a mouth. Imagine if the opposite was true, the world could be in a much greater peril. Talking is good, especially if you know what and how to say it and when it can actually be of benefit. However, when everyone is talking, there need to have someone to listen or else, no good will come of it. The message will not get across and that will defeat the whole purpose of communication. Sometimes if only people were to just listen, a lot of problems can be solved.

With Understanding Comes Tolerance

Often times, conflicts and arguments stem from not having understood the other parties involved therefore forming up own judgements on situations. Each of us have been shaped by our environment and influencers in our lives which affects our views and perspectives. This does not necessarily make ours right or better than the other person’s but it is what it is. We can try to make them see our way, but it has to be done with tact. Above all, what is needed is understanding. Unbiased and earnest understanding of another person or group’s view of a situation. That will require a bit of research and reading, acquiring the necessary knowledge to have a better grasp of the different views, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Embrace Each Other’s Differences

To live in this world, we need to realise that there will be differences all around us. Some more and others less extreme. Regardless, the ability to co-exist harmoniously is essential. A sense of tolerance towards others and their differences will help to maintain and balance social order. In this world, it is quite hard to go at it alone. It makes it a very lonely journey if that happens. On the other end however, being in a community does not guarantee instant happiness. You’ll be needing to navigate yourself through situations, sometimes unpleasant, but hopefully with grace and tolerance.

Choose Where You Spent Your Energy

When the night has cast and your eyes are begging to shut, you might want to wonder why does it feel like a tiring day. Why does the bed look so inviting? Or even the floor! I know thinking is the last thing that you want to be doing when you are ready to travel to slumberland but here is the thing. By asking that question, you will hopefully realise where have you spent your precious time. What have you devoted to yourself today that saps you out of your energy? Does it align with your goal? Or does it take you far away from it? Even with the astronomical amount of wealth, you cannot buy back energy and time. Therefore with the limited resources that you have in your possession, decide how will you best distribute your energy levels so that it can lead you closer and eventually to the goal that you have set out to achieve.

Self-Worth Up, Net Worth Up

Sometimes the thing that is stopping you from achieving what you have set out for could be your own self-image. How you perceive yourself is a huge deal. When you deem yourself only capable of achieving a certain level of net worth, you have already created yourself a makeshift ceiling, that can only move up if you increase your own self-worth.

To do that, you need to:

  1. Be conscious of your thoughts.
  2. Challenge negative thoughts. Your mission is to annihilate them.
  3. Fill up your mind and actions that are positively affirming.
  4. Be around people that cherishes and make you feel happy.

Run Towards That You Fear

It is normal to protect ourselves from the things that makes you afraid or not feel confident about. That is a programming that our human instincts have been told to do. Call it nature if you will. However, running from your fears will only make its size bigger. It feeds off from you avoiding it. As uncomfortable as it is, you need to run towards it in order for it not to inevitably be overpowering. When you confront it, seeing it as what it is and not imagining it (we all know how wild imagination can get), it will give you a level of understanding of the fear. This is where you need to view it as an outsider performing an analysis on the situation. Disect the problem and provide solution. Without truly understanding your fear, you cannot free yourself from it.