Chase Inspiration And Lock It Down

To those who make their living through being creative, inspiration plays a significant role in their lives. The ‘writer’s block’ phrase that you have so often heard is a real thing. So what do people in those situations do then, when their rice bowls depend on them being able to produce new materials on demand? And what makes it worse is that, most of the time, it does not work that way. Hence why it is called inspiration. It is in that particular moment of time, where either through what a person sees or hears, will it come and sweep her off. And when it arrives, you better take heed and lock it down. Pen it somewhere or record it. Hence why it is great to have either an audio recording tool or a notepad with you at all times. And that is one of the reason why I love modern technology. We can have all of that and more in our pocket.

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