At First They Will Laugh, But Later They Will Cheer

The process of achieving greatness or something noteworthy does not come without pain, as you may already know. For beginners who have just started on their path to success, they will be more sensitive to such situations, especially if it involves other people mocking or laughing at them. But that is how it is. Someone needs to inform these virgins that it is not as rosy as how others paint it out to be. True, some people might have it good. But it’s better to warn them by preparing for the worse. The thing that they should also note is that, without fail, those who initially laughed at these beginners are likely the same ones to cheer and sing their praises when they have ‘arrived’. So tough it up, and care not for the naysayers. They are just something that you will have to encounter along the way. Do not let them get to you. Focus on you and your goal. In the end, they are not the ones living your life for you.

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