“Surviving The Week”

The way how the world is now is admitedly mostly depressing. Often times we can hear all around us, the phrase “surviving the week” being uttered at a rate of it being common place. This nature in our society should be a cause for concern. To accept such a negative circumstance as normal is saying a lot of our current dire situation. Perhaps it is the rising need to earn money in order to survive that has feeding this trend. People have become uninspired to live and make their lives an awesome one. If this carries on, society at large will be at a disadvantage. Who would want to be served at a restaurant by a grumpy waiter? Or being taught by a boring teacher? Regardless of what you do, do not just view it simply as a means to an end, rather, see it as an avenue to be a contributing member to society. Or just find something that you love and start to think of creative ways of how you can make a living off it as well.

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