Purpose Is The Key To Passion

We have heard time and again the often cited word, passion, being used by entrepreneurs and successful people alike. I am not sure about you, but it sure does sound a tad cliché to me. What is this deal with passion? And why is it so widely used especially when describing a successful person’s journey. In essence it describes a powerful feeling or emotion. So if we translate it to a success journey, it would be something to do with the path that you have chosen. Whatever that may be, apparently passion key. We all know about compelling emotions and how it can make us do things we never thought we could. It’s the same concept. So the question here is, what drives it? What is the key?


A powerful sense of purpose or your ‘why’ is the thing that feeds this strong emotion. So whenever you feel like you have lost that spark, the passion to continue your journey, think back about why you were on it in the first place. Perhaps that will trigger that compelling bundle of emotions to get you back on track.

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