Do Not Wait For The New Year To A New You

2015 is fast approaching in a few minutes or hours depending where you are right now in the world. Like always, when the new year approaches people are busy making new year resolutions. So what are yours? Have you thought about it? Perhaps you have. My next question would be, why wait till then? Why not just do it the soonest you could? Unless the soonest coincidentally falls on the new year, then surely I rest my case. However, if it is not, then you need to think about it. The idea to wait for a new year to make a change in your life for the better is only going to make a bad habit out of it. It in a way encourages procrastination to be honest. Not actually sure who benefits from the new year event except for the businesses that capitalises on making promotions to drive their product sales.

P.S. In any case, here is to a better year 😉

Get Out Of Your Home And Do Your Work

Our home is pretty much a space where we can be ourselves and relax. We tend to have all our comforts within reach and accessible. This might be great for relaxation purposes however when it comes to doing work, perhaps going outside would do you much good. Unless you are able to really focus on solely doing your work, then perhaps this does not apply to you. But if you have difficulty in getting things done at home, you might want to go outside. It could be a café or even the library. You might actually be pleasantly surprised by how much you managed to get done when doing so.

“I Find The Harder I Work, The More Luck I Seem To Have.”

Thomas Jefferson clearly understood the mystery surrounding luck. The word ‘luck’ seems to have a magical attachment to it or so we have been taught to believe. That it will happen to only the chosen few. And that the rest of us, we should continually pray for it. But the fact of the matter is, when you work hard and smart, opportunities will come your way or perhaps you will even create them. And that pretty much sums up what luck is.

“If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going”

Winston Churchill could not have given a better advise. From what we have gathered, hell is hot and if we let it overcome us, we will definitely burn to death, yet again. However, if we keep going through it, perhaps we can find shelter or the exit door, metaphorically speaking of course. Similarly, our life will definitely not be without challenges. Regardless of how difficult it may seem to you, know that you can overcome it. That has been promised to you in the holy book, the Quran. It is your right. You will not be tested beyond your capabilities. Therefore you just need to keep on going. Do not let setbacks finish you. You can overcome them.

Opportunities. You Just Need to Create Them.

If you are one of those people who cry till their eyes bleed about how unfair the world is and what little or no opportunities are given to them because of their colour or status or bank account, I truly feel sorry for you. Not because you have been unfairly treated. But because of your defeatist mindset. And having that will definitely not make your life any better. Period. Yes, some have it easy. They tick all the right boxes and you don’t. So what are you going to do about that? If I were to cite stories of people who have overcome difficult situations beyond your comprehension and being every inch a success that they are now, you should be embarrass of yourself. If you are not given the opportunity, quit grumbling about it. Pull yourself together. And just make it happen.

Do Not Lose Your Enthusiasm About Life

True, once in a while, you get tired of the demands of life that you feel like quitting it altogether. That happens to most people. And that is sad. It is not like they choose to be in that state. But sometimes things just happen. So what they can do is basically either stomach it or give up. To the people who have that spring in their walk, their glimmer in their eye when they smile, this people are on a different track. They are some of the most successful people and they know that losing their enthusiasm or having it taken away from them would be a devastating tragedy to them. We need to ensure that we are consistently filled with excitement in our lives. It will make us feel alive. And that is the greatest gift. To feel alive.