Getting Your Idea Across

You know there are times when you are in a situation where you see that some things could be done better but you are not in the position to say so. For whatever reason that might be, know that there is always another way around it, provided you are in a place where there are others in that area too.

  1. Find the head/person in charge
  2. Tell it to him/her
  3. If that doesn’t really work out, do this:
    • Say your idea aloud. Ensure that others can hear you.
      1. Someone will overhear it and most likely say it out loud.
      2. The idea will catch on
      3. People will think that it’s a brilliant idea
      4. And will adopt it pretty much straight away

The thing is, as some would appreciate good ideas. Many would prefer if the idea comes from themselves. When the person in charge angle is thrown out, you might want to try out step 3 and beyond. Not telling something to a person’s face, would seem as though they came up with the idea themselves. So, set your ego aside and let them think so. If it gets the work done more better and efficiently, that should be reward enough.

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