Stop Hurting Your Closed Ones

Isn’t it ironic that we tend to treat strangers better than the people that are close to us, at least some times? And not only do we stop there, we sometimes treat the closest people to us worst than those that we disliked.

If you have never experienced any of the above, that’s awesome. But for the many others who have at least once, let’s go in a bit deeper. It is not that we do not appreciate or love them, but there are times when we just want to be alone. And that’s normal. This is usually a problem with the people that are closest to us, especially when they have not yet known that we sometimes need our own ‘me’ time. They would think that there must be a way that they can solve our problems or help in some way, that it can border on annoying at times.

Deep in our heart, we know that they mean well and perhaps that is something we need to consider before we swat them off like a fly. Yes, there are times when we prefer to be left to your ownselves, but perhaps a little effort on getting that across in a better way should be seriously considered.

Also, before we turn the closest ones to us into punching bags to let off steam, think again of what we are essentially doing. There is no point directing our anger on them, it is only going to make the situation worse for ourselves in the future, only at that time, we won’t know it yet. In the end, after all is said and done, they are a part of us. Let’s remind ourselves that.

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