Beware of The Little Signs of Negativity

You’ve heard how little things when add up becomes quite a big thing? Or at least, something like that. Similarly, those little negative feelings that you get sometimes which you dismissed as something insignificant do not actually go away. They are stored away out of sight in this corner of your mind called ‘ammunitions/ammos’. Do not think for a second that those little things disappear just because you brush it off as such. Usually, it will accumulate to a point where the box begins to overflow and when it cannot hold it in any longer, it will create an avalanche. So do yourself and others around you a favour and address or confront those little signs of negativity. Do not slide it under the bed and thinking that once it is out of sight, it is out of mind. Your mind is a clever thing. Do not treat it like a fool lest you find yourself becoming one.

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