Compliment freely

Sometimes I wonder why do some of us hesitate or refrain from speaking good words but find it easier to say the mean stuff? Is it more ‘cool’ to do the latter? If that is so, we are living in a very confused time. It’s either that, or they have some personal issues that needs to be resolved. One thing in particular is the fact that most of us are quite stingy with our compliments. Listen, do not confused this with excessive praising or even undeserved ones. Those should never even be a consideration. Just follow the simple rule, when something merits a compliment, give it. It doesn’t cost a lot. Heck, it is free. And the reason you do it is so that you can spread some good around you. People love to hear nice things about themselves, especially if you are genuine about it. Who doesn’t? So if you wonder why your relationships are tanking and people are not really keen to be around you, you might want to change a few things. You can start by giving away free compliments when they deserve it, and look at where that will take your relationships to.

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