“What Have I Done?” – Random Yet Profound Thoughts When Falling Sick

Maybe this hasn’t occurred to you. Or maybe it has. Remember how it feels to fall sick? The inability to do what you want to do, at the speed that you are accustomed to or at the level that you are used to. It is quite terrible to be honest. The point here is when it gets to the point where you think that you might just die, things get a bit different, perspective wise. You know how thinking about death sometimes makes you reflect on your life and what you have done thus far, being sick to the point where you feel like you are going to die does that even better. Because rather than just thinking about it, you are actually experiencing a feeling that could probably lead to your demise. Which begs the question, “What Have I Done?”. What have you done? What impact have you made to this world or at least to the people around you? Have you done your best to give your best? …. Or do you rather just wait till you are so sick to the point where you feel like you might just die and then think and regret about all of those things that you didn’t do? You decide.

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