If You Want To Be Different, You Have To Do Something Different

Simple as that. It sounds pretty much common sense that in order to become different than the general public, you need to not follow what the majority are doing. Why then do very few actually heed that advice? I’m pretty sure many must have heard that one too many times. But hearing about it does not mean that it makes doing it any easier. The truth is that most of us are risk adverse. And in so, we are not willing to venture out from the tried and tested path that many advocate. We celebrate those among us who dare to go against the tide but when it comes down to ourselves, most of us dare not. Like everything else in this world, there is a price. It can be monetary or not. And to be one of the success few, there is definitely a price. And that is to risk going into the lesser known path, walking the dark tunnel for an indefinite amount of time till you finally can see the light.

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