Ask A Better Question

It is most likely that we have either used or been at the receiving end of the following question – “What do you want to be/do in the future?”

Many of us will either give or receive a blank stare, a confused look or simply a shrug. This mind boggling question have succeeded in one thing though, stressing the person who receives the question even more. Yes, admittedly there are those who are well aware of their purpose and intention for the future. But to the majority who aren’t, don’t fret. Let that be our goal, to find our calling. In the meantime it doesn’t hurt to imprint in our minds images of successes. True, this does sound a little wacky but here’s the thing, our minds have been made as such that if it is given a direction to focus on, it will do its level best to get you to there. That special mechanism is not something only available to a selected few. So, unless you want to leave it to fate and not do anything about your future which has a higher chance of going downhill, you might want to take charge and feed your mind with images and ideas of success. If not much, at least you’ll have an idea on where to start.

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