Become The Guy That Others Want To Know

We are often told that to make it in this world, it is not about what we know but rather, who we know. Admittedly there is much truth to that. Would you rather do business or simply help some random stranger or say with a friend or at least, an acquantaince? So there’s really no point to moan about that. However, if you are not blessed with the ‘right’ connections at birth or perhaps the schools that you went to, it is not the end of the world. There are tons of events, conferences, seminars, heck, social media to connect with those people. However, keep in mind though, regardless of how great your connections are, if you are not someone deserving, you’ll very likely not get anything out of that. So, before you worry about knowing the ‘right’ people and such, focus on yourself. Be someone who others will want to know about rather than shamelessly throw yourself in front of someone asking for favours. That, my friend, is social suicide.

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