Same Amount Of Time But Used Differently

Now we all know that each of us has the same amount of hours in a day. Yes, some may argue that they have a lot more work to do than others due to their respective positions and responsiblities. That is generally the reason given to justify their “no time” explanations. However, are we then to believe that those who are successful have some magical extra hours that the general public are just not privy to? Definitely not, unless you count Hermione Granger, but that’s fiction. So where then do they find the time to be successful? If you were to recall your day that has just passed, can you honestly account for each minute or even seconds? Probably not. Maybe you might want to be more aware of where those precious seconds went. At the very least, make a conscious effort to choose to do work that brings you closer to your goal and at the same time, consciously leave those actions that take you away from your priorities.

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