Build A Connection When You Don’t Need Them

As you begin your journey to build meaningful connections with others, you might fall into this common mistake. That is connecting with someone with the intention to use his or her expertise, knowledge or connections to get ahead in life. And it is rightly so that you should find yourself in a precarious situation much sooner than later. You need to realise that a connection or rather, a human bond is created with a lot of effort and goodwill put in that mixing it with something that has a commercial nuance at the beginning, taints the purity of said relationship. We all do not want to feel like we are being used, one way or another. Therefore we need to be careful to avoid such situations to occur or worst, define our characters. So in order to avoid that from happening, genuinely build connections with no immediate need to get something from the other person. And when an occasion arises for the need to do so, ensure that there is enough trust between the two parties already present and that the connection will prove mutually beneficial.

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