Do Not Wait Around To Get Picked

Before we proceed, let it be clear that this post has nothing to do with the concept of patience, far from it. Rather, it is due to the misunderstanding of the word ‘patience’ that has gotten majority of the people on this unfortunate state of not achieving their desired success. Since young, we have been told that we need to study hard and be good at what we do then opportunities will eventually open up. The catch is that we have to be patient about it. How inaccurate that was, especially in this time and age.

When practically everyone have gotten that same memo, it only have made the old saying now obsolete. True, we have to work hard and be very good at what we do. That never went out of style. However, the part where we should be waiting around to be ‘lucky’ enough to get chosen out of the countless people who like you, have done everything that they possibly could to be very good at what they do, needs a lot of rethinking. Scratch that. It is not applicable anymore nor it ever was.

We need to take ownership of our destiny and the opportunities that are out there. And that means a lot of hustling and putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you present your work at every chance possible. Yes, it will not be smooth sailing, especially in the beginning unless you really striked out. That said, it gets better when you keep at it and improving your craft. You might also experience a lot of unpaid work, but hey that is the chance to show what you’ve got. And until you make it, don’t stop if this is what you really want. Some wait years to finally ‘arrived’. So, don’t cut yourself any slack by leaving after a few setbacks.

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