Do Not Be A Victim of Events, Choose To Win

Life will throw a whole lot of curve balls at you. The quicker you realise that the faster your life can take a turn for the better. Else you will likely be spending your days being miserable and eventually a plague to the people around you. Once that is clearly internalised, decide to win no matter the weather of the day. Be it on a warm sunny day or a cold chilling winter, choose to win. This attitude will allow you to not be a victim but rather a player in this game called life. A player that has a fighting chance to decide how his or her future will turn out to be no matter the conditions that have been laid down. When you make the switch in your mind to not be the victim, your mind will be search high and low to make that a reality. What follows suit is your next line of action. Call it survival or winning. Regardless, it is way better than losing.

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