Get Uncomfortable

We all have this natural need to feel comfortable. We do things that make us feel like so and we steer clear of those that do not, or at least we try until it gets to a point where it becomes unavoidable. The thing here is, in order to be successful or better than where we are right now, we need to get uncomfortable. We cannot expect to do the same thing repeatedly albeit in our comfort zone, and hope for a different outcome. That is just foolish thinking. The initial few steps up the stairs will undeniably be uncomfortable and your mind will find a lot of reasons why you cannot do it. Some might even be quite good logic. This is where you need to focus on ignoring those ‘logic’ and ‘laziness’, and keep on moving up. Even if it is a tiny step forward, it is a step forward. If you add up a lot of tiny steps forward, you’ll reach your destination eventually.

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