Is That Your Ego Talking?

You know how there are times when things get a little heated and you say things that you just shouldn’t have but it’s already too late to take it back. And you regret it afterwards. More often than not, that could just be your nemesis a.k.a. ego doing its deed. Do not confuse ego with self-confidence though. The latter is a neccessity to live your life. However, ego takes it a step further; especially when it comes to thinking that only you are right and everyone who does not side with you, are in the wrong. So, back to the opening statement, our conversations sometimes go downhill because of this. Either one party lets ego come into play or worse, both do. And when you let ego do the talking, you tend to shut down reasoning, logic and facts. You just want to be ‘right’ and the ‘winner’ of the conversation. That is a sure way to break relationships and not make anyone wants to be your friend. So the next time you are talking to someone, keep this in mind – is that your ego talking? If so, keep your mouth shut until you have full control of your next words.

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