Above All That Jazz, Good Character Takes It All

In this world, a lot of us are striving or rather, some even competing to achieving the ‘ideal’, be it in life or looks. We tell ourselves that once we have attained those ideals, our life would be complete and we will then ‘live happily ever after’. Sadly though, we tend to forget that ‘ideal’ is very subjective. It is not a universal truth, set in stone at the beginning of time. What is however, is the often reminded but equally forgotten trait that is good character. Given in any place or time, good character is much appreciated and welcomed. And as an added bonus, it is not confined to a certain stage of your life. It can be as eternal as long as you allow it. Two of these good characters that are highly regarded and respected are as follows:

  1. Be humble, regardless of who you are and what you have accomplished (No one likes a show off)
  2. Banish hate with kindness (I know, easier said than done)

You have probably heard them before, and perhaps somewhere at the back of your mind, you even understand the importance of having those qualities in our lives. So let us remind each other to above all that is money and beauty, to also develop good characters within us first and sharing that with the people we are blessed to touch their lives.

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