What Kind of Life Do You Want To Leave Behind?

With the different challenges and situations that we face in our daily lives, it is easy to forget that we each have the power to decide how our story is and will turn out to be. Observing deaths around us and the different level of reception of the unfortunate news should remind us that our lives matter. This opportunity that we have in every single waking moment is a gift that many of us overlooked because our focus are not centred, not clear. Many allow themselves to be foolishly led by the dazzles and sparkles of this world that they loose sight of what truly is important. It is not that those material aspirations are bad. They are indeed nice to have. They pose as a situation when our focus wavers and change course to a more material pursuit.

A full life is not dependant on how much wealth you left behind but truly by how many lives have you positively impacted and changed. If this feels right for you, let it be your life’s mission. Use your gifts as a vehicle to do the most good to others.

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