Don’t Kill Passion With Paperwork

Most of us have at least a modicum of passion or interest in what we do for a living. When starting out work, we tend to be hopeful and look forward to do work we love and be incentivised accordingly. However, at most places, that is just not going to happen. In view of cutting cost and making profits, many have to do work that are not directly related to their passion or interest. It has even become expected now to undertake more of that.

I personally believe that a happy person, someone who is centred and a bundle of positive joy, are more likely to create the best work, especially in the field of his or her passion/interest. But when you make the person dread coming to work, mostly due to paperwork and other passion/interest zapping tasks, maybe it is time to rethink how we treat those who we work with.

Are you willing to sacrifice those with a strong passion in the work that your team does for a few extra change in your pocket? Maybe you do, but if you are in it for the long haul, it is wise to remember that as much as business is about the customers, it is also about those who work with you. Treat the people around you well, and you will likely make more good profits. It is just simple business sense – don’t kill passion with paperwork.

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