Don’t Try To Be Someone Else, Just Be You

Society will tell you what they expect of you. They might not say it outrightly but believe me, they do. Notice their small hints of disapproval at the things that you say or want to do, the rules that are put in placed to ensure that those who listens to them gets rewarded and the rest who do not, either left alone or punished. And that is how it is. However you need to bear in mind that only you have got something to offer that no one else can, and that is you. You are a special unique individual and if you only allow that side of you to shine through, the world will have no other choice but to take notice. Even if they don’t, at least you can say that you have been true to yourself. I don’t see how that can leave anyone with any regrets when all is said and done. Many try so hard to be like someone else and failing at it while all along, if they only do themselves, be whoever they are, they will have a much higher chance at succeeding in life.

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