Mastery Is A Never-Ending Journey

The day you decide that you have achieved complete mastery of your craft is also the day that your journey takes a downward slide. Regardless of how good you are and the many accolades, wealth and recognition that you have received for the work that you have done in your craft, there is always something else to improve on, to learn. Even if you are named the best in the world for what it is that you do, there is always another level. When you have trained your mind to realise that the journey is never-ending, it will allow you to have something to look forward to and to grow in the process. The thing with life is that if you don’t grow, you die. So if you are starting out or even well into a few years in your journey, know that the ‘greats’ are continuously finding ways to push themselves, to learn and be better than they already are. Seriously, there really is no excuse for you to slack.

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