Live A Life of Service

What is there to life after having experienced all the material enjoyment that it comes with? Many fight tooth and nail in the hopes and dreams of owning some thing(s) – a big house or two, an expensive car or more, branded items, exclusive memberships, perhaps a private plane or even an island. But really, all these wants are desired because they are perceived to be able to bring them a certain sense of feeling that they are searching for deep in their hearts. We rarely spend our money logically. Most of the time, with our emotions. Think back of your past purchases, how many percent of those you bought leaned towards emotional compared to logical ones? Yes, we are talking about things beside a human basic necessities. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is neither right nor wrong to that. If you feel that you deserved the purchase because of your hard work etc., by all means.

The thing here is that placing your objectives or end goals on material items will never completely fill that void in your heart, that feeling you’ve been searching for. They might temporarily fill it for a while but after some time, it will be a hole again and off you go repeating the same process. This will likely continue until one day you question the meaning of your life.

Living a successful life is not defined by material possessions – it rarely does – but truly by the number of lives that you have touched and uplifted in your waking moments. Often you notice that materially successful people are involved in humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. These people know that the true meaning of life (even if they don’t explicitly say it), is to serve. And the good fortunes that they have been blessed with are their tools to do so. But we all know that it is not the only way to serve. A life of service can start with as little as whatever you have right now. Our most valuable commodity, time is often overlooked by most but a very powerful tool indeed. Use the things you have to be of service to as many as possible and you will realise that your life means something and you might also find out that feeling in your heart that you are trying to fill is filled up and overflowing.

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