The Gift of Knowledge That Benefits

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We all know that a good knowledge, one that benefits, is essential. Without it, regardless of how pure our intention might be, our actions would most likely result differently than expected. This unfortunate incidents happened quite often in our lives, ideally in separate and different situations. On the bright side, these experiences serve as a deep reminder to not repeat the same things again, to learn and do better in the future. That is if you realise what they were and took note of them. Many of us do not do that thus presenting a high chance of repeating the same mistakes again. But if you did note them down, what do you once you have learned your lessons? I hope you answered sharing it with others. That is what life is about – spreading the love and sharing the good knowledge around. I am quite certain that there are plenty of good beneficial knowledge that you have acquired. Imagine if we all make sharing those a habit. That might just be a huge positive change in many lives, and it is all because we each do our part to share these beneficial knowledge. And with the technological access that we have in this age, that should not be too hard to do. If you are uncertain if a particular knowledge will benefit others, ask yourself if it has benefited you. You are a pretty decent litmus test.

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