We All Have Stories That We Tell Ourselves

Quote 4 - www.khairilsianiparWhat if I were to tell you that you are a story teller? That your stories are so powerful that it has shape thoughts and actions. It has even made a person who he or she is. If you did ever doubt it, look into a mirror and you will see the result of your powerful story.

Regardless of our environment and predispositions, it is what we believe to be true for ourselves that makes us who we are. Not just what we tell ourselves, but believe to be true for us. The process of getting to that belief varies from person to person but bottom line is, we are what we believe to be true for ourselves.

Reflect upon it for a moment and think back to a time when someone or a group of people repeated the same comment to you in different occassions. In the beginning (of a positive comment that is), either out of low self esteem or shyness or not wanting to be perceived as big-headed, you brushed it off. Then there came a point where you decided for yourself, when you truly believed the comment to be your reality. Likewise for a negative one. You get this supporting documents to support your story for all kinds of places. And the coolest or scariest part is, you do it unconsciously.

The most awesome part of being a story teller is, we can always make a new one, a better one. So what will yours be?

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