Why Do We Ask For Opinions On Personal Matters?

Quote 6 - www.khairilsianipar.comSeeking opinions from others when you can’t seem to decide between different choices is quite a common thing. We must have at least done this once in our life. Why is it do you think we do them? Is it because we are sincerely confused? Well most would probably think so. What other reason can there be besides having a trusted person guiding you with your important decision making process? What I have realised is that when we seek opinions, it is usually becauseof a sense of validation, affirmation that we want/need on the decision that we have already made, or at least are leaning towards. So perhaps a thought – why do we need others to validate our personal decisions? Are we not enough? What are we lacking? More importantly, can we make those better? And do we even want to? In the end, it truly is a personal choice. You are going to be accountable for making that decision. So take as many opinions as you want, but know that it has to ultimately be from you. Because you are the one who is going to be living with that decision.

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