What Is Your View?

Quote 7 - khairilsianiparWhen we were little children, perhaps playing to our hearts’ content, our opinion about others is generally good. Or at least, there were no issues with those that differ in the way they think or live their lives. A few years later, with a little bit more understanding about the world and how it works, usually through our environment or the exposure that we were given, we tend to form opinions about how things are and should be. At this stage, we have developed a certain perspective of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. The problem with that is we were not given the entire truth, only a part of it, and that is usually the view that is held by the ones we received the information from. So perhaps this is how a certain view is ‘advocated’ or held by a community – through the passing of generations. But still, that cannot be used to justify especially a negative view held. Access to real sources of information is no longer an issue. It just requires a little effort. So what is your ‘view’? Is it really yours? Be your own person.

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