Your Tests Are There To Make You Be Better

Quote 11 - khairilsianiparLife is very much similar to a game. The only difference between the two is that the stakes on the former are real. Think about your favourite game. There is always an objective to accomplish or meet. And in most games, you will find that there are different levels to complete. The higher you go, the more challenging the courses get.

Doesn’t that sound pretty much like life to you?

As humans we either grow or wither away (yes, like plants). Maintaining a steady flat horizontal line graph on your life simply does not work. Think cardiac monitor.

Similar to the games, in order for you to grow, you need to complete or pass through a series of obstacles and challenges. Take a moment and recall some of the tough times in your life. Did you manage to overcome them? If you did, what kind of person did you become? Perhaps a better one? That will be the natural answer. When we are faced with problems, challenges, obstacles, arguments, difficult situations, we need to condition our minds to consciously identify them as our golden tickets to a better and improved person. Pass the tests and you will be a better version of yourself. It might sound too simplistic. But that’s what they are. Getting through them though is an entirely different story. However, if you know that they are there to only make you be better then perhaps that might give you some strength in making better decisions especially in times of difficulty. In the end, it is our decisions that define us. Do not let a challenge overcome you.

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