You Cannot Control What Others Do With Their Life

Quote 12 - khairilsianiparRegardless of how well set and equipped you are in your personal life, wishing the same upon others is entirely different. The ability to control what others do with their life is only possible if you are their creator. It does not matter how close you are to the person, if he/she does not decide to change, nothing you do will matter. It is a sad truth. Especially when it concerns the people that you care about. There are only so much advices and help that you can offer.

But it is all up to the person to decide if he/she is going to take them up. All you can do is to stand in silence and pray as hard as you can for them to do what is right while you watch them walk down the path to ‘self-destruction’. You might even consider to leave that person be. But let’s stop right there.

What if you take a different approach? What if instead of leaving the person be, you do the opposite? You shower him/her with so much love that it would give the strength and encouragement that he/she needs to make the necessary changes in their life. Even if that did not work out, you have given that person the gift of acceptance. And that is a powerful thing. We all want to belong, to feel accepted. Sometimes people make the wrong choices but that does not define them. Who amongst us have not made an error in our decisions? Let us remind ourselves to not look down upon those who struggle in areas we excel in but instead, accept them and be there whenever they need the support.

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