Dear Princess, Be A Queen

Quote 16 - khairilsianiparMost girls dream of being a princess. They love the idea of being one, more importantly to be treated like one. And as they grow up, that idea rarely changes – they still want to be a princess. I mean, who does not like to be loved and have their every needs and whims cared for? Unless we are talking about a warrior princess, hollywood and fairy tales have concluded that a princess should be beautiful, loved and always gets her handsome prince in the end. That romantic idea is what people have digested for the longest time and accepted to be true. Which brings me to a thought – where are the feminists on this? I personally see this phenomenon as feeding to the ideas that are so anti-feminism.

On the other hand, a queen symbolises command, power and prestige. It usually comes with the territory of being more mature and advanced in age (therefore not as beautiful as a princess). However, again here the power that be in hollywood and fairy tales have decided that queens are more likely suited to play the role of the villain. The one that does everything in her power to make the princess suffer. That is how they are usually portrayed. And if you noticed, rarely do someone prefer to be called a queen.

Here is the thing though. We are not living in such times that allow princesses, who are being carefully cared for and treated like a piece of fragile fine china to advance and prosper. This is a time where opportunities are aplenty and the social behaviour has changed. There really is little room for princesses to thrive in this world. But for the queens – those girls/women who have a strong sense of belief and faith in themselves, who is driven with a strong conviction and passion and oozes the commanding presence – they are the ones that are going to thrive and ultimately change the world.

Do not wait for someone else to complete you, to lead you and define where your position should be. Do them on your own. You are enough. And when you eventually find a partner in life, that relationship should only enable the growth of the existing awesome one you already have with yourself. Why wait to be someone else’s queen, when you can be your own queen?

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