“Failure Is Just There To Point You To A Different Direction” – Oprah Winfrey

Quote 18 - khairilsianiparThere is a saying that failure is not an option. The word failure itself brings tremors to the hearts of many. I mean, who likes to fail? We all, or at least most of us, would love to succeed and never have to face failure. That would help us from the disappointments and low morale that comes with having failed at something. In most cultures, failure is very much looked down upon. So it is not surprising that people avoid it like a plague. This particular fear propels them to be very unwilling to venture out of the ‘tried and tested’, the popular route, into the unknown, or ‘something that has never been done before’. With these kind of thinking, it is no wonder why many find it hard to achieve greatness.

But what if we look at failure as a friend, someone who is on our side?

Could it be that failure is simply an indicator, a sign that tells us to change our approach? Very few people, who have achieved great things, have never failed before in their lives. That number is pretty much close to none but for the sake of the extreme outlier out there whose story is not yet known, let’s leave it open.

Failure is never the end of it. It is only the end when you decide that it is. If you have failed the first time, you try again, with a different approach perhaps. Change a variable or two. See what happens. Just don’t do the same thing that have resulted in the failure repeatedly expecting it to eventually turn positive. That would not be very wise. Quite the opposite really.

Perhaps by accepting that we are neither perfect nor willing to give up trying, we can start to see failure as a friend instead of the enemy that it has been made out to be.

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