We Are Never Truly Ready For… Anything

Quote 21 - khairilsianiparThe idea that preparation is key is definitely not a new thing. There are many supporters for it and a lot more who are living the message. There is even the famous saying that goes something along the lines of failing to prepare is preparing to fail. While it is supposedly intended to increase the probability of success in an individual or a group, it also brings about a lot of fear and anxiety at the same time. This is especially true when it is pertaining a major life event. Can anyone really be prepared for it? Be it a birth of a child, death of a loved one or even marriage, one can never be truly be prepared.

Preparation is largely based upon the level of variables that are predictable. Situations get a little chaotic, at least in our mind, upon the addition of non-predictable variables like emotions, feelings, thoughts or definitely a whole other person. But that is what makes life curiously interesting. It is those unpredictable variables that makes life never a dull existence. So do what you can to prepare for whatever it is that you have set out to do. But be flexible in approaching life. Things do not always happen as we like it to be. However, it is always for the best for us. We can rarely see it when we are going through it. But given time and maturity with a dose of reflection, you will find its beauty. We can never be truly ready, but we can accept that perfection is just an illusion and that what we can control is to always be in the state of learning.

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